Your Guide to Using Cannabis at Holiday Gatherings

The holidays are a stressful time for everyone, but they can be especially challenging for those of us who are navigating how to get the relief we need while in the company of people who may not understand our medicine. Here’s our advice: 

If you need to be discreet

If you usually inhale your cannabis, consider investing in a vape pen that you can pass off as an e-cig. The odor will be lighter and dissipate more quickly than with smoking, and it’s easy to step outside for a quick and discreet puff. Explore KC vapes here / Florissant vapes here

If inhaling anything is out of the question, consider a tincture instead; you can easily place a few drops under your tongue while in the restroom, and the effects should activate within just 5-15 minutes. Then you can re-dose as needed throughout the event. Explore KC tinctures here / Florissant tinctures here

If you’re ready to start a conversation about cannabis

If you think the people at your table are ready to learn about cannabis, review Hempsley’s Tips for Approaching the Topic of Cannabis so that you can bring it up in a natural and heart-felt way. Consider printing off a few informational handouts to share with the people who want to keep learning, such as this Introduction to the 3 Types of Cannabis. Explore more free downloads here

If you’re hosting both licensed MMJ patients and non-consumers

If you’ll be accommodating other medical cannabis patients at your gathering alongside people who don’t use cannabis, make sure everyone understands what’s going on before they arrive with a personal text or call. As the host, it’s your responsibility to make sure everyone feels comfortable, which means setting expectations ahead of the event. Reaching out to every guest individually to explain what’s going on will help them feel safe and accommodated. 

Things to think about: 

  • Designate smoking/vaping areas. If you don’t want people smoking/vaping inside, make sure you communicate that before they arrive. 
  • Clearly label anything with cannabis, and always include the dosage. Whether it’s joints, vapes, tinctures, or edibles, people need to know exactly what they’re putting into their body. 
  • Keep the cannabis separate. Be sure to keep any infused food offerings separate from non-infused foods and out of reach of children and pets. If guests plan to bring and share their own infusions, make sure they know where those contributions should be. 

For more tips on hosting a cannabis-friendly holiday party, click here to check out our article with free label templates. 

Click here to download our Introduction to Cannabis handout so you can be prepared to share with curious guests