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The Secret to Growing Potent Cannabis with Ivan Cartagena, Chief Cultivation Officer at Vertical Cannabis, The Feels S4E8

,  June 06, 2023  Written by Kristen Williams
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Anyone can grow cannabis — but what does it take to grow GREAT cannabis? In this episode of The Feels, we talk with Vertical Cannabis’ Chief Cultivation Officer, Ivan Cartagena, about how he first got started growing cannabis in Puerto Rico and how those experiences influenced his own unique processes for growing potent, topnotch cannabis. 

Here's an outline of what Ivan and Jeff discuss during this episode:

  • 0:00 Welcome and Introduction
  • 0:17 Who is 314 Garden Supply?
  • 1:10 Who first introduced you to cannabis?
  • 1:38 Learning to grow cannabis in Puerto Rico
  • 2:33 Who do you look up to in cannabis?
  • 4:12 Are you mentoring anyone in cannabis?
  • 5:38 What makes your cannabis growing method unique?
  • 6:54 What’s the foundation of growing great cannabis?
  • 7:31 How do you choose the best cannabis genetics?
  • 8:17 What’s the difference between a cannabis phenotype, chemotype, and genotype?
  • 8:50 What is it you’re looking for when pheno-hunting?
  • 9:30 Do the terms sativa, indica, and hybrid mean anything?
  • 11:17 What’s the difference between growing cannabis from clone versus seed?
  • 13:06 Do you use the “sea of green” method of growing at Vertical Cannabis?
  • 13:48 Are you collaborating with anyone else in the industry?
  • 15:00 Do you ever grow with different mediums?
  • 15:52 How do you select which cannabis cultivars to grow?
  • 17:36 What do you see for the future of cannabis?
  • 18:24 Busting cannabis myths: THC percentage isn’t everything
  • 18:46 How important is climate uniformity when growing cannabis?
  • 20:08 What are common problems you see in growing cannabis?
  • 21:30 How has recreational cannabis impacted Vertical Cannabis?

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