The Feels Season 2, Ep. 02: Abrahama Keys

Join Feel State Florissant’s Jeff Rowse for his interview with Abrahama Keys, Chapter President of Greater STL NORML — recorded live on 4/11/22.

0:00 Getting Situated
0:18 A Growing Market
3:10 Welcome & Updates
5:10 What sparked your activism?
6:57 The War on Drugs
9:34 What led you to NORML?
12:16 Structure of NORML
14:03 NORML’s Goals
14:55 Combatting Propaganda
17:37 Presenting as a Cannabis User
18:56 Dispensary Culture
19:37 Building Trust in Community
20:40 Missourians to Watch
22:30 Advice for Entrepreneurs
23:32 What’s your connection to cannabis?

Our favorite quote from Abrahama Keys’ interview:

“I met some girls [while traveling]…and they were talking about how they wanted to smoke because it was a better alternative to a lot of the drugs they were taking but they were really afraid and I thought about the idea of, one, fear of prosecution of stuff that was medicine for me…I thought about how it could help so many other people if there wasn’t that sigma, if they weren’t scared of going to jail for something that could potentially make their life better…and then I think from the standpoint of being an African-American female, everybody, for the most part, knows somebody who’s been to jail for drugs. So I think that alone says a lot…there will be some people who don’t, but you still feel the impact.” (7:30)

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