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The Feels Season 2, Ep. 01: David Melnick

,  April 08, 2022  Written by Feel State
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Join Feel State Florissant's Jeff Rowse for his interview with David Melnick, a Co-Founder of the Feel State brand — recorded live on 4/4/22.

0:00 Beard Talk
2:00 Welcome to Season 2!
2:30 What's going on at Feel State
4:03 Introducing David
6:00 Before Feel State
6:24 Our Core Values
7:32 Feel State's Goals
8:51 David's Cannabis Journey
10:23 Entrepreneurship in Cannabis
12:06 Cannabis Myths
13:00 How can the cannabis industry improve?
17:17 What are you most proud of?

Our favorite quotes from David Melnick's interview:

"We saw a lot of the cannabis brands out there doing similar things along the same line, kind of that 'Green Canna Wellness' motif, per se, and we knew we had to stand out from the crowd. Our whole thing is about, how do we build a connection? How do we use cannabis to better connect with ourselves, each other, and our community? It's a more holistic approach to looking at things. It's not just 'Hey, here's some product — let's go and sell it.' It's a broader, deeper look at things. It's all guided by education and community — those are the two big things we focus on, making sure that people are getting the products that they need and understanding how to use them. And then ingratiating ourselves into the communities in which we operate." (6:33)

"Our goal and the way we set our company up from the beginning was more to create a franchise-type model where we could go and work with dispensary owners and help them run their dispensary. Whether they're a single, mom and pop small business operator or a group that's vertically integrated, we can come in and help them run things on the dispensary side and allow them to either focus on their other businesses or provide them with some resources of a larger company without having to expend all the capital that some of these groups are." (7:42)

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