The Feels S2 Ep. 08: Mary Armstrong, Co-Owner of 314 Garden Supply

Join Jeff Rowse for his chat with Mary Amstrong, the Co-Owner of 314 Garden Supply — a company dedicated to empowering green thumbs in North County, St. Louis while cultivating health, happiness, and growth. They provide hydroponic and organic growing supplies for cannabis and beyond! Recorded live on 5/23/22 in Florissant, Missouri.

0:00 Garden Talk
2:38 Welcome and News
4:32 Introducing Mary
7:06 Is it easy to garden?
8:04 Types of Gardening
8:44 What’s a drip system?
9:08 Which method is best for growing cannabis?
9:48 Living Soil vs Dirt
10:58 What tools do you need to grow cannabis?
12:05 Why use LED lights for growing cannabis?
13:55 How often should you water cannabis plants?
16:52 What pests could appear when growing cannabis?
19:07 What’s the best method for fertilization?
20:47 What was your first experience with cannabis like?
22:26 Is mulch the same as compost?
23:29 How can you keep an annual hanging basket alive?
24:24 How often should you change a potted plant’s soil?
25:13 What’s it mean when you get white spots on an Aloe plant?
25:55 The Problem with Watering Plants with Tap Water
27:00 Should I decorate my potted plants with stones?
27:58 How can I grow microgreens indoors?
29:52 Cannabis Growing Classes at 314 Garden Supply

Our favorite quote from Mary Armstrong’s interview about growing cannabis with 314 Garden Supply:

Jeff (12:05): Now you specifically said LED lights, why LED over, say, high-pressured sodium or some other kind of light?

Mary: LED is lower cost and it won’t raise the temperatures of that small space too much.

Jeff: So you might not need as much ventilation; you could get by with a smaller fan using LED lights, as opposed to multiple lights using high-pressured sodium?

Mary: Correct. When you’re growing in a small space, you want nice clean and cool air coming in and the air that might contain pathogens, bacteria, pests, — that’s going to be harder for the plant to thrive in — going out.

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