The Feels Ep. 09: A Mock Visit to Feel State Florissant

Join Florissant budtenders Dr. Bex Johnson and Jeff Rowse for a walk-through of what it’s like to visit Feel State Florissant, recorded live on 12/27/21.

0:00 Welcome!
0:41 Let’s role play!
1:58 How to Check in at Feel State
2:58 Sales Floor Tour
3:29 Understanding Your Preferences
4:15 Educating You
4:36 Walking Through the Patient Guidebook
5:40 Dosing Strategies
6:09 Microdosing Edibles
6:51 Talking through our Products
7:10 Ratio Products
7:58 Edible Products
9:06 Benefits of Buying from a Dispensary
9:50 Capsules & Beverages
10:36 Our Free Journal for You
12:12 Tinctures with CBD and THC
13:22 Our Flower Section
14:00 Sativa & Indica vs. Type 1, 2, and 3
14:30 You can smell our flower!
15:14 Look at our Terpene Profiles
15:41 Anatomy of a Cannabis Plant
16:12 Looking at Flower Trichomes
17:28 Cannabis Products for Cooking
18:46 Vaporizers Section
21:20 Live Resin
22:36 Cannabis Concentrates
24:14 Budtender’s Homework
24:58 Schedule a Free Consultation
25:28 Our Consultation Room
26:11 Reviewing Your Guidebook
26:30 Saying hi!
27:04 Why does anyone need that much THC in one small dose?
28:17 Bex’s Consultation Reflection
29:26 A replacement for pain killers?
31:10 Come visit us!

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