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Terpenes: Myrcene

 February 12, 2020  Written by Emma Chasen
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Myrcene is the terpene most abundantly found in cannabis. It shows up in substantial concentrations in most cannabis varieties. It also occurs widely in nature. Myrcene can be found in mangos and hops, making it present in most types of beer. Think about the drowsy experience that happens when you drink a few beers - that is akin to the effects produced from myrcene. When analyzing terpene results of a cannabis variety, myrcene will most likely show up. Here is a snapshot of how myrcene may influence a cannabis experience:

Aroma. Aroma helps us to identify terpenes when we don’t have lab results. Terpenes are consumed through our olfactory glands before we even inhale or ingest. Therefore, the smell of a variety can affect the experience. It also may contribute to taste. 


Myrcene’s Aroma: grassy, earthy, sweet, lemongrass, grape, musty


Effects on mood: In cannabis, myrcene most likely contributes to a relaxing experience. Research suggests that myrcene decreases muscle motility. This translates to relaxation. In very high concentrations (over 1%) myrcene may trend the experience towards more sedative energy. 

Medicinal Properties: Anti-inflammatory, anti-carcinogenic, muscle relaxant

Synergistic Properties: When combined with THC and CBD, myrcene may act as a potent neuroprotective agent and antioxidant. Cannabis varieties with a high concentration of myrcene, THC and CBD may serve to help protect the brain from inflammation and injury.


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