Terpenes: Limonene

Limonene is the citrus terpene. It shows up in substantial concentrations in cannabis varieties that smell of citrus. It also occurs widely in nature as well as in almost all household products. Fun fact – almost no one is allergic to limonene, therefore it is a primary ingredient in most cleaning products. Limonene can be found most abundantly in the rinds of citrus fruits. Think about busting open a citrus fruit open or going on a cleaning spree – there is a slight euphoric lift that may occur. This is limonene doing its job! Limonene interacts with our serotonin and dopamine receptors to help stabilize mood, decrease anxiety and facilitate euphoria. Here is a snapshot of how limonene may influence a cannabis experience:

Aroma. Aroma helps us to identify terpenes when we don’t have lab results. Terpenes are consumed through our olfactory glands before we even inhale or ingest. Therefore, the smell of a variety can affect the experience. It also may contribute to taste. 


Limonene’s Aroma: citrus, sweet, tangy

Effects on mood: In cannabis, limonene most likely contributes to an uplifting experience and creates the happy, silly, giggles often associated with some cannabis varieties. Research suggests that limonene helps to decrease anxiety and elevate mood because of its ability to interact with the dopamine and serotonin receptor families.

Medicinal Properties: Anxiolytic, antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, immune modulator. May help acid reflux.

Synergistic Properties: When combined with THCV and CBD, limonene may help to decrease appetite and regulate weight loss. When combined with cannabinoids in general, limonene may increase the anti-inflammatory and immune regulatory potential. Limonene also may help other cannabis compounds diffuse across the skin and mucous membranes more effectively, making it a smart addition to topicals and tinctures.