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Ten Commandments of Customer Service in Cannabis

 May 06, 2020  Written by David Melnick
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Delivering outstanding customer service is a topic that is very near and dear to us. When someone walks into a Feel State dispensary for the first time, we want to win them over as a customer for life. Guests who are happy and engaged are much more likely to keep coming back. This is why ensuring all team members know, practice, and continuously learn effective customer service techniques is absolutely crucial to our success. While we could share hours and hours of material about our views on this subject, we thought we would keep it simple for the time being! (There is definitely more to come, though!) The following are ten commandments we want team members to follow to help promote a culture of providing best-in-class customer service:

1. Be Attentive

Graciously pause conversations with peers and engage customers with direct eye contact to be fully present.

2. Warmly Welcome

Greet customers personably and smile with one's eyes! Non-verbal greetings are just as important as verbal ones.

3. Explain Efficiently

Give customers the rundown based on experience and urgency: “Have you been in before?”

4. Actively Listen

Nonverbal or verbal affirmations through talking less and asking more probing questions to assess needs.

5. Organize As You Go

Give customers curated choices by keeping products in order and the space clean.

6. Lead With Affirmation

“Is this an Indica?” “Yes, this is very relaxing”; “Do you have this/do you know this?” “No, but...(provide the solution, the “why,” or the resource).

7. Exceed Expectations

Do not over promise and always be professional: think “fine dining.”

8. Act With Composure

Confidence: “I can help anyone who's next!”
Calm: take your time and be positive.

9. Always Practice Empathy

Seek understanding and validation; try to align on something in common.

10. Always Express Gratitude

“Thank you for coming in”; “I appreciate you telling me.”

BONUS COMMANDMENT: Actively communicate to the team any needs or actions, like breaks, leaving the floor, and selling the last item of its kind.

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