Providing Essential Cannabis Information

We bet you are familiar with the sayings such as “knowledge is power” and “the more you know”. And, when it comes to cannabis, these phrases tend to hold true.    

From all of the different products and wide range of consumption methods to trying to understand a product label and lab test results, there is a lot to take in for new (and experienced) consumers alike. Similarly, there are many different paths one can take when searching for information about cannabis.

Our focus on providing essential information is one of the reasons as to why we started Feel State. We talk with countless individuals curious about cannabis and seeking resources they could trust to learn more – either before incorporating cannabis into their lifestyle or as a way to help maximize their experience.   

It is because of this, an ongoing goal of ours is to equip consumers (and non-consumers) with as much valuable and free cannabis-related information as they may wish – ranging from the basics all the way to the complex. Now, we certainly don’t know everything, however, we are very fortunate to work with great cannabis educators to help us in our quest. 

Cannabis can be a wonderful, yet at the same time complex plant, but it doesn’t have to be. With everyone’s unique body composition, what works for one person may not work for the next. This is why we are on a mission to help as many individuals consume cannabis in a way that works best for them, so that they can better connect with what matters most in life. That’s the feel state.