Jade M. Catta-Preta, Comedian, Host & Actress, shares about her Relationship with Cannabis on The Feels From A Distance

Jeff Rowse talks with Comedian, Host, and Actress Jade M. Catta-Preta

Cannabis is often used by artists to enhance creativity — and this week on The Feels, we get to hear from Comedian, Host and Actress Jade M. Catta-Preta about her relationship with cannabis and creativity. Jade dives into her writing process, her favorite ways to use cannabis, and even some stories from her cannabis-related comedy appearances on Cooked with Cannabis, Vice’s Bong Appétit, Getting Doug with High.

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Here’s an outline of what Jade and Jeff discuss during this show:

0:00 Welcome and Introduction
1:15 Tell us about being on Secret Lives
3:04 What was your first time smoking California cannabis like?
3:47 How do you use cannabis?
5:43 Does CBD enhance the effects of THC?
7:28 What’s the difference between eating and smoking cannabis?
9:25 About Jade’s latest show, Hotties
12:20 About Jaded, a new YouTube special
13:44 How is your comedy routine changing?
15:00 Do you ever write jokes while high?
15:45 Do you ever get on the stage while high?
16:27 What are your favorite times to use cannabis?
17:14 The interesting psychology of reality TV
18:28 Who are some of your comedic heroes?
19:16 Stories from cannabis comedy roles
22:12 When did you last take a tolerance break?
23:47 How often do you go to the dispensary in California?

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