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What goes into designing a great vaporizer? In this episode of The Feels, our host Jeff Rowse dives deep into Danny Vogler’s research and development process for kuLi vaporizer, a locally owned business right here in Florissant, Missouri. They discuss everything from the difference between quartz and ceramic atomizers to how to dispose of lithium batteries and the health impacts of vaporizing versus smoking cannabis.

Here’s an outline of what Danny and Jeff discuss during this episode:

  • 0:00 Welcome and Introduction
  • 0:17 Who is Smokiez
  • 1:00 Has cannabis always been a part of your life? 
  • 1:33 When did you start kuLi?
  • 2:21 How many prototypes did you create before launching kuLi?
  • 4:15 What made you want to invest in vaporizers?
  • 5:31 Why would a flower smoker like a kuLi vaporizer?
  • 6:00 Is vaporizing healthier than smoking cannabis flower? 
  • 7:11 What kind of battery do kuLi vaporizers use? 
  • 8:08 Do you foresee a shortage of lithium batteries?
  • 9:24 How should you dispose of a lithium battery?  
  • 11:32 How does the kuLi dry herb vaporizer work?
  • 12:52 What makes the kuLi vaporizer unique?
  • 14:20 What’s the difference between quartz and ceramic atomizers?
  • 15:33 What’s the difference between concentrate and flower experiences? 
  • 17:15 What cannabis myth do you want to bust?
  • 18:48 Do you think there will ever be limits on THC percentages? 
  • 20:42 Do cannabis companies have a responsibility to educate? 
  • 21:35 Has recreational legalization impacted the kuLi business?
  • 22:48 How often do you put out a new version of kuLi vaporizer?
  • 23:50 Is there any new vaporizer technology? 
  • 25:07 Do you think vaporizing will ever be more popular than smoking?


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