Helping Small Businesses In The Cannabis Industry Succeed

There are big and tough competitors out there in the cannabis industry that often times small businesses find it difficult to break through, offer their products, and make a name for themselves. Understanding that most businesses in the industry are more or less a startup, Feel State was created with the primary business model of working with independently-owned and operated Feel State branded dispensaries to help the small business entrepreneur have a place in this very challenging industry. In a recent episode of Plant Problems, Feel State Co-founder David Melnick sat down with host, Tony Frischknecht, to share the work they are doing as well as some insights on what it is like to be a young operator in the market. He also provided some of the ways others can get a chance at becoming the business they want and working their way to success.

To listen to the complete episode, click on the link below:

Feel State: Helping Small Businesses In The Cannabis Industry Succeed With David Melnick