From Terrapin to Elevate: How Missouri Cannabis Brands Evolve with Chris Issinghoff, Director of Quality Assurance, The Feels S4E1

Have you noticed that your favorite Terrapin products are now branded as Elevate Missouri? If you’ve been curious about Elevate’s rebrand, this episode of The Feels will answer all your questions! From old and new genetics coming soon to growing techniques and packaging redesign plans, Elevate Missouri’s Director of Quality Assurance, Chris Issinghoff, shares their story and where they’re taking the company in 2023. 

Here’s an outline of what Chris and Jeff discuss during this episode:

  • 0:00 Welcome and Introduction
  • 0:17 Who is Mana Supply Company?
  • 1:27 How Terrapin became Elevate in Missouri 
  • 2:57 New genetics coming to Elevate Missouri 
  • 4:28 What do you do as the Director of Quality Assurance?
  • 5:18 What kind of soil do you use to grow?
  • 6:26 What challenges do you have growing cannabis indoors? 
  • 7:41 Are you going to include terpenes on your new packaging? 
  • 8:31 Rebranding Double Bear Concentrates 
  • 9:30 What kind of extraction methods do you use?
  • 10:13 When did you first start using cannabis as medicine? 
  • 12:22 What market trends have you seen evolve over time? 
  • 14:29 What do you see as the future of cannabis?
  • 16:56 Who is involved with Elevate Missouri?
  • 17:53 Do you plan to expand your dispensary locations? 
  • 18:37 What did you do to prepare for Adult Use in Missouri? 
  • 20:32 Is there anything in the proposed rules that you hope will change?


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