The Feels Ep. 12: Interview with Blake Bell

Join Florissant budtender Jeff Rowse for his chat with Blake Bell, owner of Bell Chiropractic and Pain Management, in Florissant, Missouri, recorded live on 1/17/22.

0:00 Meet Mr. Rigglesworth
2:00 Welcome
2:36 How did Bell Chiropractic start?
3:07 What kinds of services do you provide?
3:18 What is PRP? Platelet Rich Plasma
4:25 When did you first realize cannabis is a medicine?
4:52 Does cannabis cause brain damage?
8:50 Starting Project 22 for Veterans
9:53 How can a patient introduce cannabis to their family?
12:30 Replacing Prescription Drugs with Cannabis
14:37 How do you approach cannabis education?
16:25 How Missouri Medical Marijuana Equivalency Units (MMEs) Work
17:40 The Missouri Constitution and Cannabis
18:30 Cancer Patients May Need Higher THC Doses
20:00 How to Increase Your Monthly Allotment in Missouri
21:50 How can you become a cannabis caretaker in Missouri?
23:10 How have you seen patients’ lives change?
26:10 How do you educate doctors?
28:10 Is there a good database of cannabis research?
30:00 What kind of future do you see for cannabis?
31:08 Are there any benefits to synthetic isolated cannabinoids?
32:49 What is the average patient age at Bell Chiropractic?
33:40 Marijuana for Dogs
34:12 What’s your opinion on recreational cannabis?

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