The Feels Ep. 11: Interview with Curador Extractions

Join Florissant budtenders Dr. Bex Johnson and Jeff Rowse for their chat about extractions with Curador’s Co-Founders, Cory (left, black hoodie) and Bryan (right, yellow shirt) at the Curador headquarters in St. Louis, Missouri, recorded live on 1/10/22.

0:00 Getting Ready
1:23 Introducing Curador’s Cory and Bryan
2:58 How did Bryan and Cory meet?
3:50 Where did “Curador” come from?
4:32 What motivates you in business?
5:28 Cory’s Cannabis Story
6:30 What are the different types of cannabis extraction methods?
7:07 Why did Curador choose to focus on hydrocarbon extraction?
7:23 How Butane retains cannabinoid and terpenes
8:15 Do you have any plans for solventless extraction in the future?
8:30 Why you need good cultivars for solventless extraction
9:30 What’s your main process for Headchange?
10:18 What determines the type of concentrates you make?
10:35 Why new dabbers might prefer badder to shatter
11:20 What was your first dab like?
11:44 Headchange makes Sugar, Badder, Diamonds + Sauce
12:13 What kind of equipment do you need to make dabs?
13:00 Do patients need to worry about any residual solvents?
13:49 What does Missouri say are safe levels of residual solvents?
14:38 What’s a sign that you have good biomass to extract?
14:54 What’s a nug run?
15:35 What are the best cannabis curing methods for extractions?
17:03 What other compounds can be extracted from cannabis?
17:52 The Ensemble Effect in Extraction
19:15 What is CIC / Color Remediation?
20:27 A Look at Curador Products
20:37 About the Headchange Brand
23:27 What’s the best temperature to dab at?
24:48 Headchange’s Popular Sauce Cartridges
25:43 Sustainable and Recyclable Packaging
26:05 About Curador’s SafeBet Pre-Roll Joints
27:14 About the SafeBet Blunts
30:38 Curador’s Cannabis Grading Scale
31:34 Your nose knows what you like!
32:29 Will you have cheaper shake packs?
33:07 Curador is from Missouri — and staying!
34:16 Are there any products you want to be making?
34:52 What does the future of extraction look like?
37:58 Hockey in STL
38:56 How should you store concentrates?
39:59 What’s the shelf life for concentrates?
40:47 Do you have your own cannabis brand?

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