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Culture, community, and cannabis with The Gold Giraffe, STNTN, and Leethal of The Therapeutics, The Feels S5E7

, ,  February 01, 2024  Written by Feel State
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After the success of last season's episode, we wanted to bring back three more members of The Therapeutics to hear their stories! In this episode, The Gold Giraffe, STNTN, and Leethal give their perspective about what makes St. Louis special, the city’s impact on the art and culture scene, and how cannabis plays a role in all of it.

Here's an outline of what The Therapeutics and Jeff discuss during this episode:

0:00 Welcome and introduction

0:16 Who is Notorious?

0:51 Introducing The Gold Giraffe, STNTN, and Leethal of The Therapeutics

1:08 From interviewer to interviewee with Leethal

1:38 The importance of cannabis

2:20 What’s behind the name The Gold Giraffe?

2:40 Cannabis’s high value in life

3:00 Welcoming STNTN

3:21 What makes St. Louis special?

5:11 Consuming cannabis to rediscover one’s self

6:09 How cannabis helps STNTN create art

6:48 The purpose of cannabis for Leethal’s  

7:27 Favorite places to consume cannabis

8:37 The Gold Giraffe’s love for St. Louis

9:24 St. Louis’s influence on art

10:07 Learning more about The Gold Giraffe

10:36 What cannabis does for The Gold Giraffe

11:41 Where does Leethal love to spend time?

12:11 The best place to think and decompress

12:54 Finding the heart and soul of St. Louis

15:02 Enjoying the uniqueness of the Delmar Loop

15:43 The art and culture scene of Grand Center

17:35 Don’t sleep on Union Station

18:40 Spitting a few bars for the beauty of St. Louis

21:42 Thank you to our sponsors

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Connect with The Therapeutics on Instagram: Tevin Rice @thegoldgiraffe, Joshua Thames @_stntn_, and Caylee Hecht @leethalpoetry

Thanks to Sean Greene Videography, and Soular Designs for producing this video!

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