Connecting with the Community through Cannabis

One of our core values is being community-focused. While this value is often a key goal of businesses in general, it is especially important for those related to cannabis.

Oftentimes, there may be local residents or other members of the business community who are somewhat apprehensive about a cannabis business opening up near them. These concerns are valid as there are still a lot of unknowns with the cannabis industry as it evolves at a very rapid pace. In order to ease these concerns, while also being a positive resource for the neighborhood, there needs to be a meaningful connection to communities in which a Feel State operates.

This starts with understanding that every place is different and has varied community needs. In our view, taking a one size fits all approach to community engagement is not the best course of action. To form a meaningful connection with local consumers, residents, businesses, and community organizations requires a very localized and specific plan. A primary requirement to achieve these goals begins with being open, honest, thoughtful, and respectful.

We also understand that as Feel State seeks to operate outside of our home community in the St. Louis area, we will never be able to truly connect with every place a dispensary exists. This is why we pride ourselves on partnering with citizens of the local community who can assist in ensuring that there is a positive impact on a community-by-community basis.

By working with others who wholly-own and operate their dispensary, the needs of each unique community are more likely to be met. Additionally, it will allow for an overwhelming majority of the economic benefit from that dispensary to stay in that local community.

Cannabis has the ability to connect people in so many different ways. It is our mission to work tirelessly to ensure that we are being the best stewards possible for the industry and that we set a positive example for future generations of cannabis businesses.