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Cannabis: The Great Connector

, ,  October 23, 2020  Written by David Melnick
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     There is no denying it, this year has not been the easiest (and we still have a few months to go…). We could go on a negative rant covering a wide range of topics, but it is probably best to head in a different direction. 

     Cannabis - some people love it, some people are indifferent to it, and some people severely dislike it - and these are all valid points of view (and should be respected). 

     However, for those that have consumed cannabis on at least a semi-regular basis, odds are that at some point, cannabis put you in a situation with someone else who you may not have otherwise met. Think back for a moment and see if you can recall such an instance. Maybe it was at a concert, a party, or just passing by on the street. It is also highly likely that this person did not necessarily think exactly like you or shared the exact same views on every issue. Nevertheless, your paths crossed and you both came together because of one common connection - cannabis.

     How did you feel in the moment? How did you feel after that moment? Did you develop a new understanding or appreciation for a perspective you may not have otherwise been exposed to? Or, even if just for an instance, did you connect with someone unlike yourself around something you both loved?

     Now, we are not saying that if everyone got together and smoked a bowl things would magically be fine (that is probably not the right approach given the current state of affairs). The point is that, because of cannabis, ideas, feelings, and perspectives have been shared and new relationships formed. This is most certainly true for us and is something we cherish very dearly.

     Again, cannabis is not a magical cure-all. Not for societal issues and not for medical issues (this is another topic in itself). Yet, at the end of the day, it is hard to argue against there being something special about this plant and its ability to help connect people to each other, even if just for a brief moment.

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