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[Cannabis Business Times] 8 Takeaways From Cannabis Conference 2022

 October 24, 2022  Written by Kristen Williams
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Cannabis Business Times editors share tips and quotable moments from the industry’s leading educational event for plant-touching companies.

Featuring Feel State co-founder David Melnick

Written by Michelle Simakis and Zach Mentz, Cannabis Business Times, Photos by Las Vegas Event Photography

“The challenges in the cannabis industry are numerous, but they are not insurmountable.”

That was the message Cannabis Conference Programming Director Cassie Tomaselli delivered to attendees during her welcome address at the three-day event hosted at Paris Las Vegas Hotel & Casino in August.

The leading educational event for plant-touching businesses drew some 2,500 attendees nearly all 50 states and 30 countries to connect and learn, have honest conversations about business pain points, and share potential solutions to persistent problems that cannabis cultivators and retailers face each day.

More than 100 speakers provided expertise on topics ranging from the latest in cultivation research, facility design, and selecting the best genetics to marketing and budgeting tips, how to leverage customer and sales data, and how to optimize the extraction process.

Photos by Las Vegas Event Photography

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