Busting Myths About Edibles with Dr. Stephanie Cernicek, Chief Science Officer of Mana Supply Co., The Feels S4E2

In this episode of The Feels, we dive deep into edible extraction methods with Mana Supply Co.’s Chief Science Officer, Dr. Stephanie Cernicek. Dr. Cernicek breaks down misconceptions about hydrocarbon extraction, the difference between formulating THC- and CBD-dominant products, and even shares her insight on whether or not an edible can really be “sativa,” “indica,” or “hybrid.”

Here’s an outline of what Dr. Cernicek and Jeff discuss during this episode:

  • 0:00 Welcome and Introduction
  • 0:24 Meet Dr. Stephanie Cernicek 
  • 0:52 What do you do as a Chief Science Officer? 
  • 1:58 What extraction methods do you use? 
  • 3:08 Is there a stigma around residual solvents in concentrates?
  • 4:29 How are Kosmik cannabis gummies made?
  • 6:36 The intention behind Mana’s MiDose cannabis line 
  • 7:35 Do indica and sativa plants impact distillate edible effects?
  • 8:42 What is live resin? 
  • 9:33 Are lipids and flavonoids good for anything?
  • 10:11 What is the difference between RSO and FECO? 
  • 10:55 What do you think of the sativa, indica, hybrid paradigm?
  • 12:03 Is there a difference between formulating THC- and CBD-dominant products?
  • 13:33 Do you see any new extraction methods on the horizon?  
  • 14:35 What cannabis myth would you like busted? 
  • 15:02 What do you think of synthetic cannabinoids like Delta-8 THC? 
  • 18:08 Efforts in standardizing labels across the cannabis industry 
  • 19:35 What information do you think should be on a cannabis label?
  • 21:12 What advice do you have for people who want to try Mana edibles? 
  • 21:59 How often do you recommend people take a tolerance break? 
  • 22:40 Would you say smoking concentrates is cleaner than flower?


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