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Budtender Recommendations: Cannabis for the Holiday Season

,  November 15, 2022  Written by Kristen Williams
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The holidays can be a stressful time for everyone, but they can be especially challenging for those of us who are navigating how to get the relief we need while in the company of people who may not understand our medicine.

Our Budtenders Shared their Recommendations for the Best Cannabis Products to Use at Holiday Gatherings

Disclaimer: The information in this email is meant for educational purposes only. Medical decisions should not be made based on advertising. Consult a physician on the benefits and risks of particular medical products.

Budtender Recommendations

For Discreet Dosing:

For Lightening the Collective Mood:

  • Nick recommends Keef Soda. "Keef drinks bring us back to the first time we smoked; drinking these makes me feel the wonder and excitement I had when I first toked up."
  • "Mimosa as a strain in general is also a good recommendation for lightening the collective mood."
  • Renz recommends Honeybee Gumdrops: “Any flavor is good but its the taste and the fast-acting aspects for me. Typically they kick in fast at about 15 minutes and feel great! It helps de-stress under hectic or chaotic moments. Relaxing so you can clean around the house or vibe out with friends.”

For Managing Social Anxiety:

  • Lee recommends Jasmine Thai strain from Terrapin. "It’s a great everyday smoke; the overall taste of the flower speaks for itself — it's very floral yet sweet and piney. It’s great for manic or anxious patients, a great all-day smoke.
  • Jess C. recommends the 50mg FECO patches. It helps get her out of bed without the anxiety. “I forget that it’s painful to have conversation and it helps turn me into a Chatty Cathy.”
  • Lorenzo recommends Banana OG to help with both managing social anxiety and also easing family tensions.

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