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  • Why Feel State?


    Our community comes first, and we do what we do to help support the wellbeing of all our neighbors through connection. We work hard to build long-lasting relationships with individuals, surrounding businesses, and vendors.


    We are here to support consumers in creating the best possible cannabis experience. Our well-trained staff is eager to help guide customers to the best products for their specific needs.


    We are committed to helping people understand how cannabis works so they can make informed purchasing decisions. In addition to creating free resources, we provide ongoing cannabis and customer service training for all of our team members to ensure the best possible experience for anyone who visits a Feel State dispensary.


    In a quickly changing industry, our goal is to be a reliable resource so that you always feel comfortable and safe. Consumers can trust that any Feel State dispensary will provide a welcoming and professional experience.

  • About
    Feel State

    Feel State is committed to better connecting individuals to themselves, each other, and their communities through the use of cannabis.

    When you visit a Feel State dispensary, you’ll feel right at home. We believe that cannabis should be easily accessible to those who wish to use it and we are dedicated to creating a safe, informative environment for curious adults to learn more about cannabis and wellness.

    Your local dispensary will be a safe haven, showcasing an assortment of high-quality cannabis products. Our devoted team will help you find the right product for your goals so you have an enjoyable experience that meets your needs, whether that be pain-relief or relaxation.

    Connect with what matters most in life. That’s the Feel State.

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